18th November 2022

This Coveted 1972 UK Perfect Replica Cartier Pebble Could Fetch up to $237,000 at Auction Next Month

Vintage Cartier replica watches for sale are having a bit of a moment, and Bonhams wants to ensure you stay bang on trend.

The auction house is offering an exceptionally rare 1:1 fake Cartier Pebble from 1972 at its Fine Watches sale in London next month. The classic timepiece, which was produced the year the model officially came to market, has an exceptional pedigree and appears to be in great condition for its age.

Coming directly from the original owner, the first series features a distinctive size and color combination. It pairs a 35 mm polished 18-karat yellow-gold case with a cream diamond-shaped dial and black Roman numerals. It is believed to be one of fewer than 10 such perfect replica Cartier Pebbles ever produced. As a result, it is expected to fetch between roughly $178,000 and $237,000 at the upcoming December auction.

The luxury copy Cartier Pebble has recently experienced a renaissance of sorts. This will be the second time a variation of the watch has appeared at Bonhams, with the first selling in June 2021 for around $254,000. Another example from 1972 sold for roughly $405,000 at a Phillips auction the same year. AAA quality replica Cartier is also releasing an exclusive 50th-anniversary edition of the model later this month. However, the Bonhams sale gives collectors an opportunity to own an original ahead of the reissue.

“The high quality fake Cartier Pebble is a unique timepiece to come to auction in such a significant anniversary year,” Jonathan Darracott, global head of watches at Bonhams, said in a statement. “We are delighted to offer this alongside other exceptional items including the single-owner collection of Heuers showing the design evolution over the years from the 1960s through to the ’80s.”

Models within the expansive, 42-piece Heuer collection include an Autavia “Big Sub,” a Monaco “Steve McQueen” Valjoux 72 and an Autavia “Jo Siffert.” In addition, you can expect a selection of other blue-chip watches, such as a cheap fake Rolex Cosmograph Daytona Paul Newman, an OMEGA Seamaster 300 issued to the Royal Navy, a Vacheron Constantin 222 and a 1:1 fake Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Rhone-Fustierie.

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10th November 2022

New: UK Luxury Replica Cartier Baignoire Allongée MM Cortina Watch Golden Jubilee Edition

For Cortina’s 50th Anniversary, Cortina releases a limited edition of 10 pieces with UK perfect replica Cartier. Introducing the new 1:1 replica Cartier Baignoire Allongée MM Cortina Watch Golden Jubilee Edition.
AAA fake Cartier Baignoire Allongée MM Cortina Watch Golden Jubilee Edition, designed by Cartier, honours the relationship and shared values of these two companies. This best copy watch, available in only 10 pieces, features a “50” exploded Arabic numeral instead of “5” in burgundy as well as rose-gold sword shaped hands.

Cortina Watch, one of Singapore’s top brands in the watch retail sector, will unveil a series of limited-edition commemorative watches in conjunction with some of the industry’s most recognized watchmakers to commemorate its golden jubilee in 2022. On November 4th, cheap replica Cartier will unveil a special 10-piece limited- edition Baignoire Allongée to celebrate the watch retailer’s golden jubilee.

Since the mid-19th century, best 1:1 fake Cartier UK has been at the forefront of creativity and innovation, and in many instances, a trailblazer in the world of jewellery and watchmaking. Through a local agent, Cortina Watch began selling top super clone Cartier’s creations in the late 1970s, where its jewellery timepieces were very sought after. From the debut of Jewellery Time, Cortina Watch’s flagship high jewellery watchmaking exhibition in 2000,

Swiss movement replica Cartier has been a frequent collaborator of the event. Mr Jeremy Lim, CEO of Cortina Watch, says, “Cartier is one of the most iconic watchmaking and jewellery houses in the world, and it has been a genuine privilege to have been a part of their illustrious history, and to have shared such a close partnership throughout our years in the industry. Cortina Watch is thrilled to present the special edition timepiece that Cartier fake for sale uk has created for this monumental year, and we look forward to stepping into the future with top copy Cartier and continue to reach milestones together, especially with the upcoming collaboration at our updated retail space.”

Cécile Naour, CEO of Swiss made replica Cartier Southeast Asia & Oceania, congratulated Cortina Watch on this milestone – “Cartier has journeyed with Cortina Watch for a few decades, with many amazing achievements. From collaborating on the Jewellery Time series launched in 2000, expanding our luxury retail watchmaking presence in Singapore, pioneering a partnership in Malaysia, to developing a professional watch-passionate team. In another milestone, Cortina Watch Raffles City will soon be welcoming clients in a renovated high quality fake Cartier retail environment. Here’s to a memorable 50th anniversary, Cortina Watch, and to many more years of success.”

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1st November 2022

UK Best 1:1 Cartier Cheich Replica Watches For Sale

As for Swiss replica Cartier UK: Just two years ago, it probably would’ve been inconceivable that a simple, dressy time-only vintage Cartier would sell for more than a million dollars. Now, we’ve seen it happen twice in the past six months: First with an original London Crash from 1967, and then with a perfect replica Cartier Cheich.

In addition to having real historical meaning, all of these watches – from that unique early Omega tourbillon to the luxury fake Cartier Cheich – had something in common: They were fresh to market. Like some of the recent million-dollar Rolexes, these watches from Omega and high quality replica Cartier (and Journe and Dufour and Daniels) were newly found – they’re exciting to everyone. Until that Cheich was discovered and sold by Sotheby’s, the watch was practically mythical, with even hardcore 1:1 super clone Cartier collectors unsure they’d ever get a crack at owning one.

Same thing with the Crash: Only recently has money really started flowing into vintage aaa quality replica Cartier. When one sold at Sotheby’s last year, the catalog mentioned it was just the third original London Crash to be sold publicly in 25 years. A year later, two more fresh-to-market examples have shown up (another will be offered at Phillips New York in December).

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13th October 2022

UK best quality replica Cartier makes waves with its golden ‘Pebble’

No complications, no gem-setting, not even a gold bracelet… it is a mark of how far luxury fake Cartier UK has come as a watchmaker in recent years that it can charge £40,800 for a time-only wristwatch. What is more, I am pretty sure that, when released next month, the 150-piece 50th-anniversary release of the top super clone watch aficionados know as the “Pebble” will make hot cakes seem positively glacial when it comes to sales.

As the nickname suggests, it resembles the sort of stone you might skim along the surface of the water: a shape that invites you to caress it, promising the tactile satisfaction of a pebble worn to smooth, geometric perfection by aeons of erosion. The design derives its effect from the tension between the circular case and square dial, its corners oriented so that it sits like a lozenge with corners at 12, 3, 6 and 9 o’clock. It is incredibly simple yet uniquely recognisable.

Until recently the watch barely warranted a footnote in the history of perfect replica Cartier. Made by the London workshops, it dates from the fag end of the Swinging ’60s. The Paris, New York and London businesses owned by different branches of the family were not reunited until the late ’70s. Each developed its own ranges of products that were interpretations of best 1:1 fake Cartier’s classics. But whereas the Pebble’s sibling, the Crash, arrived bang on time in 1967 – capturing the psychedelic spirit of the times – the aaa quality replica Cartier Pebble made its debut in 1972, when Britain was already hurtling down the lift shaft of economic decline.

At the time both high quality replica watches were made in extremely small numbers but over the intervening years, the Crash was periodically revived and has now become a seven-figure watch beloved by Tyler, the Creator, Jay-Z and Kanye West among others, while the last top copy Cartier Pebble was made in 1977, after which, excuse the pun, it sank like a stone. For decades it was of little interest beyond Swiss made fake Cartier enthusiasts… until last year when a 1972 example fetched SFr403,200 (about £378,000), eight times its low estimate, at Phillips in Geneva.

The 50th anniversary release comes at a propitious time and the new watch is careful to respect the original, as Cartier replica for sale director of image, style and heritage Pierre Rainero explains. “The one in the ’70s was a bit smaller. The dial is also a little different because the first dials were not pure white but, as we say in French, blanc cassé; the new one is more creamy.” 

The relaunch marks a new era in the development of best quality fake Cartier as a watchmaker, which began its return to greatness when, under president and CEO Cyrille Vigneron, it turned away from overly complicated watchmaking to focus on heritage designs. Called Privé, this programme has revisited the well-known classics: Tonneau, Cloche, Crash and Tanks Chinoise, Asymétrique and Cintrée. While these other designs have been revived at various times since their launch, the wholesale copy Cartier Pebble, dormant since 1977, is virgin territory. So why has it taken so long?

“I think there is maturity among collectors, the public, the press and the global market [about this design],” says Rainero, “and I think the vision of Swiss movement replica Cartier is better appreciated today than it was even five years ago.” In other words, the design was ahead of its time. Now, 50 years on, popular taste caught up.

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20th September 2022

The UK Best Fake Cartier Santos Is Still One Hell Of A Watch

Back in 2018, Swiss replica Cartier UK relaunched the Santos de Cartier. In a world where the term “icon” is so overused as to be nearly meaningless, we skipped such hackneyed characterizations when we went A Week on the Wrist with the perfect fake Cartier Santos – instead, simply describing it as “one hell of a watch.” A few years later, that phrase still pretty much sums it up. What else is there to say about a design that’s been around since 1904? About a watch that was doing exposed screws on the bezel 70 years before it was cool? About a luxury super clone watch that’s been on the wrist of everyone from Gordon Gekko to Adrian Brody to Jesse Plemons?

Somehow, the 1:1 replica Santos de Cartier feels purest in this two-tone version. Born during the optimism of the ’80s, the gold bezel and screws give the otherwise stainless steel copy watch just a glimmer of over-the-top luxury.

At 35mm, this modern incarnation of the aaa fake Cartier Santos works on just about anyone: It’s luxurious but not ostentatious, fancy without being too flashy. Throw in an automatic movement and 100 meters of water resistance, and the Cartier Santos replica for sale is a watch that’s ready to be worn around all day, every day.

The Swiss made replica Santos de Cartier is a watch that’s steeped in history, but it doesn’t let that history get in the way of making a great modern watch that’s irresistibly wearable.

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8th September 2022

The Evolution of a perfect replica Cartier Icon UK: What makes the Panthère de Cartier watch so enduring

First introduced in the 1980s, Swiss fake Panthère de Cartier doubles as a watch and a piece of jewellery, and remains one of the most distinctive designs to come out of the perfect replica Cartier archive. Here’s a look at the iconic timepiece through the years.

The panther is to luxury super clone Cartier what the colour gold is to the sky — a necessary contrast, a duality that somehow just works. It began as many great relationships in the history of luxury fashion do: a desire to express the unfettered energy of its emblem (in this case, the panther) meets the charming elegance of the Maison, and thus an iconic collection is born.

Panthère de Cartier replica for sale, dating back to the early 1900s, is defined by its versatility. Geometric lines are interwoven with the curves of gemstones; translucent diamonds blend with bright emeralds. And as it continued to evolve through the decades, the collection eventually led to the first UK top copy Panthère de Cartier quartz watch in 1983.

Classy, cool and effortless… best 1:1 replica Panthère de Cartier is versatile in more ways than one. Back when it was newly introduced, the watch was popular among the rebellious, fun-loving ‘80s crowd. It didn’t take long for the timepiece to climb to the height of designer chic. By the time the ‘90s rolled in, the cheap fake Cartier Panthère watch would be recognisable on the wrists of cultural icons like Madonna, Keith Richards and even James Bond himself, Pierce Brosnan.

While the ‘jewellery watch’ wasn’t exactly novel at the time, high quality fake Panthère de Cartier reinvented the concept for the masses. In all its gold excellence, the Panthère was instantly embraced by the art world — and unsurprisingly so. The watch is a marriage of symmetry, structure and smooth movements mirroring that of the Maison’s emblematic animal. With its square dial and rounded corners complemented by the gold-link bracelet from which the timepiece was named, AAA copy Panthère de Cartier is a brick-like form against bold curves.

Today, you can spot the La Panthère adorning the wrists of glamour girls of the season: Bella Hadid stacks hers with bangles and scrunchies; Dua Lipa marks her glaring presence while she dons the piece; even ‘It Girl’ Jisoo has it within her jewellery collection as she fronts the latest campaign for the Maison. Holding firm to the principles that make up the Swiss made replica Panthère de Cartier, it is refreshing to watch as the timepiece continues to resonate with an entirely new generation.

To learn more about the Swiss movement fake Panthère de Cartier watch as well as the comprehensive collection, check out the exclusive ‘Into the Wild’ experience happening from 4th to 18th September 2022.

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1st September 2022

Luxury Replica Panthère de Cartier Watches For Sale UK

Upon its debut in 1983, the perfect replica Panthère de Cartier watch reinvented the concept of a jewellery watch and proved particularly popular with the art scene. The super clone watch slinks onto the skin in a rippling celebration of triumphant and carefree elegance.

Defined by a square with rounded corners, horns with seamless curve and visible rivets, the Cartier Panthère replica for sale uk takes its name from the bracelet, which is one of its most characteristic design features.

Its ultra-flexible structure echoes the movements of the Maison’s emblematic animal. Formed from a series of curved and polished links, it is uniquely supple. The precise proportions of the bracelet and case can be seen in the way the best 1:1 fake Cartier Panthère watch is worn, its elegance determined by its ergonomics as it naturally fits around the wrist.

Over the years, the AAA quality replica Cartier has benefited from several innovations, some remain undetectable, to bring it right up to date. These include the whiter dial, tighter links, the openwork and lacquer pixelated effect. Achieving a tauter bracelet and the removal of the date on the dial further accentuates its jewellery aspects.

Embraced by the sophisticated icons of the 1980s, the Swiss made replica Cartier Panthère watch continues to strike a chord with a whole new generation of bold and impeccably stylish personalities today.

This has now inspired high quality fake Cartier UK to create four new versions in rose gold, yellow gold and steel, with a silky dial in shades of golden plum, midnight blue and black.

Four diagonally crossed dials reverse the play of light and reflect the brilliance of the iridescent and subtle gradations. A precious luminosity that adds to the jewel-like quality of the most feline super clone watch in the Maison’s repertoire.

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25th August 2022

UK Swiss Made Replica Cartier Santos Galbée XL Watches

Just as RJ ended with a respectful note towards the perfect replica Cartier Santos, I’ll also start my argument with a lot of respect for the Datejust. It has been in the Rolex catalog for so long now, and the brand has been able to modernize it while maintaining its original charm. Its Jubilee bracelet is a true classic and is indeed one of the best and most comfortable bracelets ever designed, especially with the concealed clasp. And even though I fully agree that the Rolex in-house 3135 movement is superior to the ETA movement inside my luxury fake Cartier Santos Galbée XL, I’d still like to argue that the mother of all modern wristwatches is the Santos, not the Datejust.

You might already know the story, so I won’t take up too much space here, but the UK 1:1 fake Cartier Santos Galbée XL was inspired by one of the first wristwatches ever made, the Cartier Santos-Dumont from 1904. It was designed for Louis Cartier’s friend, Alberto Santos Dumont, who was one of the first pilots around. He wanted to be able to tell the time while flying without having to remove his hands from the controls, and thus, one of the first wristwatches ever was born. Over the years there have been many different iterations of the AAA replica Cartier Santos, but the one on this bracelet with its square bezel is my favorite.

The mother of all modern wristwatches was square!
This bracelet might not be as articulated as the Rolex Jubilee, but it’s still one of the most comfortable bracelets in my collection. And speaking of a concealed clasp, there isn’t even a logo interrupting its design at any point. When people try my cheap fake Cartier Santos UK on, they even have to ask how and where to open the bracelet. Now that’s what I call concealed! And its curved links perfectly match the curved design of the square case. In combination with the characteristic Roman numerals on the dial, I truly feel that this is an iconic design.

In fact, I expected it to be so iconic that I’d want to save it for special occasions. I honestly didn’t think I would want to wear this Swiss made replica Cartier on any given day, but for some reason, its design works in any situation. The Roman numerals make it dressy enough for more formal occasions, and the all-steel case and bracelet make it sporty enough for more casual days. Of course, this is something that could be said about the Datejust as well, but I think the square Santos is the more original option here.

Elegant without trying too hard
And, above all, it is the more elegant choice, especially compared to the bulky updated lugs of the 116234. Besides, the designers at Rolex can try to give the Datejust as many variations of Roman numerals as they want, but I still think they should be reserved for high quality replica Cartier. La Maison just does them so much better! I must admit, a white gold bezel like the Datejust’s is very nice, but nothing beats the screws in the Swiss movement fake Cartier Santos’s bezel and bracelet. In terms of alignment, they’re all over the place, but to me, this imperfection adds that French stroke of elegance. The Datejust is almost too perfect.

The one imperfection in some people’s eyes might be the magnifying lens on the Datejust. I must admit that I like it a lot. It’s so characteristic of Rolex and the Datejust, and it certainly beats that very uncarefully cut-out date window on my Cartier Santos replica for sale. But I’ll just treat that as another one of those weird French imperfections. While I’m wearing the Santos, I don’t notice it, but I could certainly do without it.

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9th August 2022

Why the luxury replica Cartier Ballon Bleu UK speaks volumes about the maison’s identity as a jeweller watchmaker

Every watch maison needs a quintessential round icon, and perfect replica Cartier has its Ballon Bleu. But this elegant model deftly subverts every design trope in classical watchmaking. Because with the cheap fake Ballon Bleu de Cartier, Cartier didn’t so much design a watch as it provided a new vision of roundness. Until this elegant gentleman’s timepiece came along, who knew that classical watchmaking could be this imaginative?

UK AAA replica Ballon Bleu de Cartier was launched in 2007, making it one of the first 21st century watch pillars for the maison. The objective of this timepiece was clear: To present a timeless round offering in a world of shaped fake watches for sale.

At that point, Swiss made fake Cartier’s watchmaking universe was populated by some of the most fabled horological icons of the modern era. Stalwarts such as the Tank and the Santos in multifarious permutations, the Tortue, and the Baignoire cemented cheap copy Cartier’s virtuosity with shaped designs.

1:1 replica Cartier Ballon Bleu’s arrival completed this vivacious mélange with a classic round, while also bringing a cavalcade of surprises only a seasoned aesthete like Cartier fake online UK could pull off. What are they? Let’s find out.

Round is more than a shape
Creativity is the lifeblood of AAA fake Cartier. For this reason, the manufacture is a master of shaped watches from square and rectangle to bell- and lozenge-shaped cases. Apart from the Pasha, the Ballon Bleu is this its first true foray into the classic round category. Ballon Bleu was also the first watch collection designed with 21stcentury sensibilities.

A unique monobloc construction
To ensure that nothing would disrupt the watch’s pure lines, Swiss movement replica Cartier has to give the Ballon Bleu a monobloc construction where the horns and crown cap blend into the case middle. This allows all its curves to flow continuously into one another.

Curved on all sides
The high quality replica Ballon Bleu de Cartier may be a round watch but it would be more accurately described as a circle within a circle. Domed on both the front and back, it has a unique galet or pebble style case that’s smooth, seamless, harmonious, and almost organic.

Integrated winding crown
This is the top super clone Cartier Ballon Bleu’s most definitive feature as no other round watch bears an integrated winding crown—or could possibly make one as elegant as this. Protecting the crown and its cabochon-shaped blue spinel, it also blends perfectly into the case.

In-house movement Calibre 1847 MC
Visible through the exhibition case back, the automatic Calibre 1847 MC is a simple but efficient movement that powers other best super clone Cartier icons such as the Santos and the Pasha. A modern 4Hz calibre with 40-hour power reserve, it first appeared in the Clé de Cartier line.

The oval date window
With the introduction of a 40mm Ballon Bleu, Swiss replica Cartier now has three sizes for this timepiece: 36mm, 40mm, and 42mm. The latter two come with a date window which echoes the watch’s curved profile, leaving a small but necessary indent on the railroad minutes track.

Blued steel sword shaped hands
Except for highly unique circumstances, no wholesale fake Cartier watch would be complete without this feature. Here they bring out the elegant blue tones of the spinel set in the crown.

Roman numerals with ‘Cartier’ at seven
Likewise, no Cartier replica watches Paypal would be complete without this feature. The generous case size and near symmetry of the dial allows more than ample space for the numerals to sit comfortably.

Silvered guilloché dial
Another best copy Cartier watch signature, the silvered guilloché dial brings a touch of haute horlogerie to this everyday wearable timepiece. Its scalloped design provides a nice visual contrast with the matte finished chapter ring for the numerals which start and end at three o’clock, forming a capital letter C (for cheap replica Cartier) hiding in plain sight.

Quickchange bracelet system
The revamped 40mm Ballon Bleu is one of luxury replica Cartier’s latest product families to offer its exclusive QuickSwitch bracelet with SmartLink adjustment system. Without tools or assistance, you can change from gold or steel bracelet to leather straps in no time at all.

Since its launch, both men as well as women have embraced the Ballon Bleu de Cartier fake for sale equally. Gents looking for a smaller, no-date option can easily wear the 36mm model, while ladies who need a functional yet stylish everyday watch could potentially go for the new 40mm.

But irrespective of size and style, here’s the real reason everybody loves the Ballon Bleu de Cartier copy online: The watch’s unique design means it’s always recognisable even when viewed from the side.

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13th July 2022

The UK Perfect Replica Cartier Cheich: The Most Unexpected Watch The Brand Ever Created Comes Up For Auction

The world’s toughest off-road competition and the high-end jeweler may seem worlds apart. Thirty-nine years ago, however, they came together in an unlikely collaboration to be remembered in the sale of a unique wristwatch. The perfect replica Cartier Cheich UK that you see pictured here is estimated to fetch as much as €400,000 at auction. If auction results in recent years have taught us anything, however, this may be a laughably conservative estimate.
The Fake Cartier Cheich
The story of this special watch dates back to the start of the fifth Paris-Dakar in 1983. That’s the year when the CEO of Swiss made fake Cartier at the time, Alain Dominique Perrin, approached the event’s founder, Thierry Sabine. Perrin came up with the idea of offering a glittering prize to anyone who could achieve what both men actually considered impossible — winning the Paris-Dakar two years in succession using the same category of vehicle.

But the pair had not counted on the remarkable talent and superhuman endurance of diminutive motorcycle racer Gaston Rahier. The Belgian rider was the triple 125cc motocross world champion who, after giving up scrambling, became a rally-raid superstar. He did so on a towering and unwieldy BMW, a fact that makes the double win even more impressive. Rahier measured just 1.64m in his riding boots.

Meeting the challenge
No sooner had the UK perfect fake Cartier Challenge been announced than Rahier clinched victory in the 1984 event. He then followed it up with a win in 1985, thus meeting the requirements of the 1:1 replica Cartier Challenge. His prize was the decidedly unusual Cheich watch, which his family will offer for sale through Sotheby’s Paris this coming September. Inspired by the rally’s logo — the silhouetted face of a Tuareg tribesman wearing the traditional cotton head protector known as a “cheich” — the watch is forged from three colors of 18K gold (white, rose, and yellow). The result is a monumental case that meticulously replicates every one of the garment’s soft folds.
“Trophee Paris Alger Dakar” in gold script
Nestled within the folds is a typical high end fake Cartier dress-watch dial with a rectangular minute track and a combination of baton and Roman numeral hour markers. The winding crown, in typical Cartier fashion, features the maker’s signature blue cabochon. Such is the design of the case, however, that Swiss movement fake Cartier could not use conventional lugs. Instead, the leather band passes “invisibly” through the back.

Along with the original strap, the watch is accompanied by the bespoke box in which it was presented to Rahier. Inside the lid, it carries the legend “Trophee Paris Alger Dakar” in gold script. Only three luxury fake Cartier Cheich watches are known to have been created — the one awarded to Rahier; another for a potential female winner, and a third made in 1985 for anyone else who achieved the necessary double victory.

The 1:1 fake Cartier Challenge, however, came to an end almost as quickly as it had begun due to the sudden death of Thierry Sabine in a helicopter crash in Mali that was caused by a sandstorm towards the end of the 1986 event.
The only chance to own the Cartier Cheich
The other two examples of the Cheich — one in a slightly different configuration and without a minute track, the other in a smaller size in case the Challenge was successfully met by a female racer — remain in UK cheap replica Cartier’s historic collection and will never be sold.

Sotheby’s will offer the Rahier Cheich at its Paris watch auction in September. It carries a pre-sale estimate of €200,000-400,000. But that could prove to be highly conservative, as the value of vintage Cartier replica watches for sale has been on a sharp upward trajectory for the past three years. In the spring of 2021, Phillips sold a 1972 Swiss copy Cartier Pebble at its Geneva auction for €362,000. Shortly after that, Bonhams London sold another one with so-called “turtle strap” lugs for £225,250.

Both those prices, however, pale in comparison to the $1.65m achieved by online auction site Loupe This for a 1967 Cartier London Crash replica online. But while that was an exceptionally rare watch and one of a believed dozen or so, the Cheich is a lot rarer and is said to be in pristine condition.

Rumors of a lost Cheich
That said, there is talk that a fourth high quality fake Cartier Cheich was made and awarded to Hubert Auriol who won the Paris-Dakar with BMW in both 1981 and 1983. If it ever existed, however, it is now considered lost. And the world of motorcycle sports has also lost two great heroes; Rahier died in 2005 as a result of cancer at the young age of 58, while Auriol died in January last year, the victim of a “cardiovascular accident” while being treated for COVID-19. He was 68.

The Gaston Rahier top super clone Cartier Cheich goes on show to the public for the first time this week at Sotheby’s Monaco gallery, 20 Avenue de la Costa. It can be seen there until July 17th.

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