15th January 2024


Perhaps the most famous rectangular watch of them all, at least in this selection, is the inimitable Tank by UK perfect replica Cartier. This Europe-only Louis Cartier limited edition in platinum certainly caught our attention when released just last year. The fine laser-engraved dial finished in blue looks amazing and pairs perfectly with the blue alligator leather strap.

The tank-inspired shape of the luxury fake Cartier Tank is living proof a good design will never go out of fashion. The platinum case is 33.7mm long and 25.5mm wide at a thickness of just 6.6mm. Inside ticks the calibre 1917MC, made in-house. Unfortunately, this Swiss movement replica Cartier UK is limited to 170 pieces only, so it might be a challenge to get your hands on one. The price was set at EUR 13,800 upon release.

Quick Facts – 33.7mm x 25.5mm x 6.6mm – platinum case, polished & brushed – beaded crown with ruby cabochon – mineral crystal – solid platinum caseback – 30m water-resistance – Art Deco dial with laser-engraved texture – blue PVD coated – oversized Roman numerals – rhodium-plated sword-shaped hands – calibre 1917MC, in-house – manual winding – 21,600vph – 38h power reserve – semi-matter blue alligator strap with platinum pin buckle – limited to 170 pieces, Europe-only edition – EUR 13,800

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17th November 2023

UK Luxury Cartier Tank Cintrée Replica Watches For Sale

What is good design? That’s a vast question, to which one would be tempted to reply that it must last over time.
Swiss made replica Cartier UK demonstrates this once again with the Tank Cintrée watch, a platinum re-edition of the first Tank Cintrée presented in 1921. After the Pasha Perpetual Calendar, the Tank Cintrée in yellow gold, and the Pebble, this limited and numbered 150- piece limited edition is the fourth to be added to the Rééditions line for collectors launched by perfect fake Cartier in 2021.

There’s no question of modifying the essential characteristics of the original 1:1 fake Cartier Tank Cintrée: the camber and slenderness of its case that elegantly adjusts to the wrist are still there, yet it has been remarkably slimmed down to just 6.03mm. This slender frame is made possible by hand-wound Caliber 9780 MC, powering displays on a dial loyal to the Maison’s watchmaking codes. An eggshell white color, open-tipped blued hands, a railway type minutes track… It’s all there, enhanced by a cabochon-cut ruby set in the crown as the ultimate touch of refinement.

The editorial team was impressed by the combination of platinum and ruby endows this aaa quality replica Cartier UK re-edition with an increasingly rare and precious aura.
CASE: platinum, crown set with a cabochon-cut ruby
SIZE: 46.30 x 23mm
MOVEMENT: mechanical hand-wound Caliber 9780 MC, 33h power reserve
FUNCTIONS: hours, minutes
DIAL: eggshell-white, minutes track, open-tipped blued hands
STRAP: black alligator leather, pin buckle
PRICE: on request

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8th October 2023

The new aaa quality replica Cartier Tank Louis Cartier UK could be Paul Mescal’s next big flex

Sometimes you look at a watch and just know it’s going to tickle a particular famous person’s fancy. The new 1:1 replica Cartier Tank Louis Cartier is giving big Paul Mescal vibes in the same way Rolex’s Puzzle Emoji piece had John Mayer’s name all over it.

The Gladiator 2 actor in the making may be on the perfect fake Cartier books, but the elegance and simplicity that Tanks offer on the wrist work seamlessly with Mescal’s low-key aesthetic. He’s been known to rock special pieces in the past – the luxury replica Cartier Privé Tank Chinoise, Cloche de Cartier and the Collection Privé Cartier Tank Chinoise to name a few – which is why we are feeling this limited edition Tank Louis Cartier super clone online uk in blue for him. We say blue, but look closely and you’ll see there’s laser engraving on the dial that helps to create all manner of optical reflections when light shines on it.

It’s this kind of dynamism that differentiates it from its predecessor Tanks. Limited to 170 pieces – which is how many years AAA quality replica Cartier has been making watches for – and numbered accordingly with a manual winding movement, the combination of the platinum case, ruby cabochon on the crown, sword shaped hands (not quite Wolverine-esque) and blue alligator-skin strap puts this very much in the Swiss super clone Cartier collectors’ category, in which Mescal can just about place himself these days.

For all the complimentary things said, written and shared about the Swiss movement replica Cartier Tank over the years, when a new version like this one is released the interest and intrigue remains as fervent as ever – particularly within the world of so-called celebrity where a positively ridiculous amount of stars are known to be out and proud lovers of the high quality fake Cartier Tank.

Some of the finest include: Andy Warhol being pictured posing with his dog and his Tank; Muhammad Ali getting snapped naked bar his top quality fake Cartier Tank ahead of a weigh in; Steve McQueen loved a Tank just as much as Mick Jagger does, and fashion types Ralph Lauren and Yves Saint Laurent are and were fans respectively. First lady Michelle Obama is a Tank owner, just like Princess Diana famously used to be – hers now handed down to Meghan Markle. Even though he’s contractually obliged to, Rami Malek also seems to be a mega fan as he even rocks a Tank (usually a Francaise) when he pops out to get milk. You’ll struggle to find any correlation between actors Henry Golding, Jeff Goldblum, Emma Corrin, Dany Levy, Robert Pattinson, Jason Momoa, Micheal Ward, Kit Connor, Barry Keoghan and Jacob Elordi – largely because there isn’t one. But delve into what watch they’re all often spotted wearing? You guessed it – a cheap replica Cartier Tank.

Why such universal appeal? According to the most rock ‘n’ roll person in the watch industry, Wei Koh, the answer is simple. “Louis Cartier was a man ahead of his time, which goes a long way to explaining why the Tank is the watch of choice for so many of the most stylish individuals from the moment it was created in the early 20th century to today. It is the king of elegance!” says Koh at the launch of the new Cartier Tank Louis Cartier replica for sale.

Auro Montanari (aka John Goldberger), arguably one of best quality fake Cartier’s most distinguished collectors, is also a fan because the Tank has a very important place in his collection. “The designs are still modern and contemporary, and elegant in colour,” says Montanari. “And elegance has no gender.”

What’s most telling about this particular Cartier Tank super clone paypal is it was inspired by a 1995 limited edition watch, and we are musing over an Oscar nominated actor who was born in 1996 being a fan of it; further proof of how this iconic watch continues to transcend time.

“Social media is now central to the culture of watches and it’s where the young generation discover,” adds Montanari. The same pattern has been recurring for more than 100 years now, and if the French maison continues to drop new pieces like this limited edition blue wholesale replica Tank Louis Cartier, it’s easy to see that same pattern continuing.

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21st September 2023

Luxury Cartier Tank Cintrée Replica Watches For Sale UK

Swiss made replica Cartier introduced the Tank in 1919, and the Cintrée came along in 1921 as the first variation of its now-iconic model. Large and curvy, it’s everything the original Tank (Normale) wasn’t. Despite its large size – even larger considering the times – its thin case draped across the wrist like a cuff. Cartier fake for sale uk would go on to produce various other Tank models, but none matched the Tank Cintrée. Sometimes, you get it right the first time.

This latest platinum 1:1 fake Cartier Tank Cintrée is gorgeous. It’s perhaps the best platinum Tank Cintrée Cartier has produced in (relatively) large production numbers. At least, it’s the most faithful to the original Tank Cintrée watches from the 1920s and ’30s, so it’s the most beautiful if that’s your thing (like it is mine). AAA quality replica Cartier has translated all the details we loved about the 100th-anniversary Cintrée into a slightly thinner platinum case. It also made the dial a few shades lighter to match the white-metal case. The thinness of the Cintrée stands in contrast to its super-sized case, and this is what’s always made it so tempting to collectors. This latest edition does nothing to disrupt that balance, keeping the same dimensions seen in Swiss movement copy Cartier Tank Cintrées released in 2005, 2018, and 2021.

Besides those couple of tweaks, the platinum best quality fake Cartier Tank Cintrée doesn’t make any significant changes to the 100th anniversary Cintrée. But if it ain’t broke.

While other Swiss movement copy Cartier UK shaped watches have experienced hyperbolic hype over the past few years, the Tank Cintrée has, mercifully, been left relatively unscathed by the culture of celebrity. And it’s probably best that way. The top super clone Cartier Tank Cintrée in platinum is the king of Tanks, if not of all Cartier watches. It’s big and bold on the wrist, but also rare and elegant, the perfect combination for uber-collectibility. Born in 1921, it’s no passing fad, much too regal to be relegated to celebrity watch spotting on Page Six.

When seeing this announcement, I assumed the price would be more than $50,000 after last year’s aggressively priced Pebble ($44,000). I was relieved to see it’s $38,500, though that’s perhaps more an indication of how much copy watch prices have increased across the board than anything else. The price is logical compared to 2021’s 100th Anniversary Cintrée ($29,900). It has more in common with that watch than the 2018 platinum Cintrée LE, which measured more than a millimeter thicker.

That said, when a vintage platinum Cintrée is now a six-figure proposition, and that’s if you can even find one, perhaps the price isn’t so bad. Monetary considerations aside, it’s a beautiful execution of the Tank Cintrée, and with the continued interest in vintage Cartier replica watches online uk, it’s hard to imagine a few thousand bucks will stand in the way of all 150 of these watches being quickly accounted for by collectors.

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10th March 2022

The UK High Quality Replica Cartier Tank Cintrée That Never Was

For mechanical replica watches online uk, you can argue that honor falls to the Rolex Submariner. These objects are so universal to our collective design lexicon that we sometimes forget how truly remarkable they are.

But there is a second watch that jumps to my mind when fantasizing about all-time great watch designs — the perfect fake Cartier Tank, specifically the Tank Cintrée. And not just any Cintrée, but a very special one that was made in the 1930s.

I first saw this drawing in early 2021, in Jack’s post on The 100th Anniversary AAA fake Cartier Tank Cintrée Limited Edition, and I haven’t stopped thinking about it since. This watch has haunted my horological dreams for several reasons.

Firstly, it is a platinum-cased Cartier Tank Cintrée replica online with a beautiful salmon dial. The hue of the dial is closer to yellow or gold than red or pink, which I find extremely beautiful against the bright white case. It’s something that it shares with another favorite watch of mine, the super clone Audemars Piguet 15202BC.

Secondly, it features the elements I find the most aesthetically pleasing in a Tank: “Breguet” hands, classic Roman numerals, a chemin-de-fer “railway” minute track, and a sapphire cabochon crown with beading. The drawing is from Swiss movement replica Cartier‘s archives in New York and was rendered long before the time of computer-aided design, which makes it all the more beautiful for its charms and eccentricities.

Notice that the drawing features two lug profiles, with one hastily slashed out. There are scribbles and numbers, possibly linking it to a record book, a cheap fake Cartier stamp in the lower left corner, and a signed “OK” in the top right, likely pointing to final approval of the project by high quality replica Cartier‘s designers. All of these tiny details are important considerations in understanding just how special and handmade these watches are.

Lastly, as written at the top of the drawing, this copy watch was commissioned by a notable figure, Princess Louise Van Alen Mdivani. Who was Princess Mdivani, I wondered?

I have to admit, part of me was bummed out. The best fake watch I’d obsessed over for more than a year had been a figment of my imagination – I’d never get the chance to experience it in person, nor would anyone else. Of course, Louise’s actual watch might still be out there, which would be lovely to discover, but I still felt like I had just found out Santa wasn’t real. Had Cartier replica Paypal UK ever made a white metal Cintrée with a salmon dial, I thought?

I went back to the Swiss made fake Cartier archives department to inquire once again, hoping that something was out there. Their response: “To the best of our knowledge, and working with the archives department, there are no Cintrée with salmon dials in our records.”

Really? I couldn’t believe it. It seemed that a watch so beautiful had to be made at some point in the past 100 years, but not so. My holy grail of top quality replica Cartiers never existed and as far as we know, still doesn’t. But a dream is hard to let go of so I got to thinking, what if it had? What might the watch made for Louise look like today? Maybe a little something like this …

Hey, Cartier fake for sale, I have an idea for your next release. In fact, it’s already all sketched out.

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